Setting the Standard – ISO 20121

“Legacy includes the enduring physical, economic, social and environmental impacts of an event or events.”
– ISO 20121

This is the heart of event sustainability – a management system in which efficiencies in resource consumption and a consequent reduction in costs results, leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.

Through its ability to implement various management systems (the most relevant being ISO 20121), TonneZero provides robust and tested systems to effectively manage all aspects of your sustainable event. This includes the development of policies and the management of legal compliance; water and effluent resources; energy consumption; carbon emissions monitoring and measurement; waste streams and deposits; social impacts and community benefits.

Why ISO 20121 & TonneZero?

In the noise of the moment, you want to know that your event complies with the highest sustainability standards. ISO 20121, implemented by TonneZero, ensures just that – the international sustainable event benchmark, managed and administered to the highest levels of professionalism in the most cost-effective manner.